Yes to Blessing Part 2

I wanted to re-visit my first post and further explain a few things.  I don’t want you to think that I am condemning anyone who doesn’t want to take the same path as we do!  Like I said this is the path that WE felt like the Lord led US down.  I believe that every persons walk with the Lord is a personal one and that they should let Him direct their lives and should not try to copy what anyone else is doing.  We did not come to this decision flippantly.  We prayed and studied the Bible before deciding this was the path God was leading us.

There are several Scripture verses that further confirmed to Lenard and I that this is what we were supposed to do.  All throughout the Bible children are a sign of blessing and wealth and are welcomed by Jesus.  We couldn’t find anywhere in the Word where it said blessed is the man with 2 children!  The very first chapter in the Bible we are commanded to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28).  I know many would argue that was a different time and that the world is overpopulated and we are destroying the world with our “carbon footprints”, but my Bible says Jesus (The Word – John 1:14) is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8).

Do you remember the story of Jacob and Rachel and how Laban tricked him into marrying Leah first?  Since Leah was the unloved wife do you know how God showed favor on her?  By giving her children!  God blessed her with 5 children when Rachel was not able to have any at that time!  (Genesis 29:31)  Rachel was so desperate for children that she gave her servant to Jacob so that she could give him a child.  That’s how Jacob ended up with 12 sons because Leah and Rachel were competing to try to give their husband the most children!

That is unfortunately not how children are viewed often in this day and age.  They are noisy, expensive, you have to make sacrifices and give up ‘things’ to provide for them.  What people don’t realize is the joy that they bring to your lives that make those ‘things’ undesirable anyway!  My Bible says that children are a heritage, a reward even, and a happy man’s quiver will be full of children! (Psalm 127:3-5)  I could give so many more example throughout the Bible where children are considered blessings from the Lord and to be barren a curse.

I love the story in the New Testament where several mothers brought their children to see Jesus.  The disciples told them to leave and to not waste Jesus’ time with them but Jesus rebuked them and told them to let the children come! (Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:14, Luke 18:16)  I like to picture Jesus laughing and playing with them.  Maybe tickling them and listening to their silly stories and to them asking Him to heal their boo-boo’s.  The fact that this story is in 3 of the 4 Gospels says to me that it was pretty important to God!

The point that I want to make with all of this is to encourage you to not be conformed to the pressures and ideas of this world, but look to God’s Word and pray about what He would have you to do with your life and family.  If you feel God urging you to trust Him with the size of your family be bold and take a leap of faith.  You will probably get a few people telling you that you are crazy, but if you are doing what God asked you to do, I guarantee that you will never regret it.


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