Day of Frustration

Today has been a day of frustration.  Ever had one of those days?  I know you have.  From two full glasses of juice being spilled, one of them shattering all over the kitchen floor.  To not having the ingredients that I thought I had in the middle of making something and having to run out to the grocery store to get them.  To paying $200 to get our truck back from the shop in the EXACT condition we took it to them in.  To being alone all day on a Saturday while the hubby and his uncle and dad tried to fix said truck to no avail.  To a screaming little girl who was afraid to go into the bathroom and had an accident when I was sitting at the table 5 feet away from her.  To baby slaming her face into the table and busting her lip and gums.  To neighbors music being so loud it’s driving you crazy.  To a baby that I’ve just weaned that would not nap for anything and I couldn’t just stick a boob in her mouth to get her to go to sleep.  To little boys with poop on their hands.  You get the point.  Not a grand day.

Ok.  I’ll stop now.  Just needed to vent a bit.  I’m not writing this so everyone will post things saying they are so sorry I had a bad day.  I’m posting this because I want to be transparent about my life.  It is far from perfect.  I have to admit that there was a lot of yelling at our house today and a lot of it came from me I’m sorry to say.  At one point I was screaming at Hannah telling her to stop screaming.  I know.  Effective right.

To end our frustrating day though, we had chocolate chip cookies for dinner, yes for dinner, with milk.  I’m glad to see this day come to an end.  I’m so tired.  Feeling flustered all day is draining.  There were fun parts though.  The kids helped me pack some boxes and I read the first chapter of an exciting new book to Gabriel.  Thank God for new beginnings.


2 thoughts on “Day of Frustration

  1. Peggy says:

    Today is a new day!! Not always easy being a mom 🙂 …hang in there. You really are a good mom 🙂 Love you.

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