A Snail of a Tale

Today has been a fun day.  This morning on The Cat in the Hat cartoon the kids made a tent, so my kids decided that they needed a tent too.  So we drug the kitchen chairs into the living room, draped a blanket over the tops and the kids brought their blankets and pillow to it for their sleeping bags.  It was a lot of fun.  I’m glad I resisted the urge to say no because it would be such a mess and create so much clutter in our tiny living room.  It’s not about the mess, it’s about the memories.

While the kids were reading books in their tent I looked out the back door window and there were about 30 snails out on the concrete porch crawling around!  (Literally, I counted them!)  It had rained last night and everything was wet so I guess they decided to venture out.  There were tiny ones and big ones making the journey across our little back porch.  I called the kids and grabbed my camera and we went outside to watch them.  Have you ever looked closely at a snail?  The detail on their tiny little bodies and shells is amazing.  I don’t see how anyone could say that was evolved.  God’s handiwork is all around us.


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