My Sarah Bear

Sarah is my 16 month old.  She is the sweetest thing you ever did see, but she is a handful!  All she does is go, go, go.  She has been running since she was about 10 months old.  She already says just about as many words as her 2 1/2 year old brother.  She cannot sit still for anything.  She thinks she’s much bigger and older than she really is and wants to do the same things everyone else does.

She has no fear.  She will climb up and on anything she can get to.  A few days ago she pushed right through the screen on the window and went right through.  Gabriel ran to tell me that she had fallen through the window and I found her outside, scared and reaching up toward the window wondering how she would get back in.  She didn’t get hurt thankfully, but these are the kind of things that this spunky little gal does!  I mean I can’t watch her every single minute of every single day you know!  I’m afraid that she thinks her name is SARAH!!!!  Man I love her to pieces though.  Her smile will pardon nearly any mischief she gets into.

Yesterday she thought it would be a good idea to paint the table with her brother’s milk and put crackers and cheese in her other brothers milk glass and then smear soggy crackers and cheese into the milk painting.

Today, well, when she drew all in the book with a pencil, ok, my fault, a pencil should not have been where she could reach it, though with as much and as well as she climbs just about nothing or nowhere is safe.  When she drew on the laminate floor in her bedroom with a crayon (where the heck did she get a crayon!!!), me fairly calmly “no, we color on paper not floors!”  Next she decided to help by stacking her brothers and sisters three cups together while they were full of juice!  Finally at dinner while I was sitting down to eat my lukewarm soup, Hannah comes in to say “mom, look what Sarah’s doing!”  I came in to find her on top of my bed with an open and now empty bottle of olive oil!  Thankfully a small one, but it was completely full.  She was covered in oil from top to bottom as well as my pillow, blankets and mattress.  AAAHHH!!  SA-RAH!!!!  Did any of you every watch the Little Foot movies when you were little?  I feel like I’m Mr. Triceratops yelling at his Cera!

My goodness I love this little girl and I wouldn’t trade her or her personality for anything in the world because I know she is just the way God made her and she has the character traits that He gave her for a reason.  She gives the best hugs and kisses and nosy’s and is just so adorable I want to eat her up, but man does she keep me busy and on my toes!

Dear Sarah – I love you to pieces just the way you are, but I wouldn’t argue if you would slow down just a minute and not spill or break or empty or dump out or tear up or draw on anything every once in a while!  Thanks. – A tired, but very happy to be your Momma


So Blessed

I know it’s been a long time since my last post.  I’ve just been crazy busy and will be the rest of this month so my posts may be sporadic.

Today due in part to my busyness and truthfully partially due to my laziness I am out of groceries and won’t be able to get more until tomorrow (unless I want to go at 10pm tonight which I don’t!).  I actually had to wash a dish by hand!  I joke that this is against my religion.  I do not like to wash dishes by hand at all, but I’m out of dishwasher detergent.  I’m out of several other things as well that are not necessary, but make life so convenient and it really makes me quite grateful.  My fridge is bare but not empty.  My kids are having Ramen noodles and fruit cups today but they are not hungry.  I’m out of juice, but I have tea bags and sugar to make tea for us to drink and have plenty of running water at my disposal that I can drink any time I’m even a little bit thirsty.  Wow.

We live in such a blessed land.  I am so blessed to have all the modern conveniences like washers and dryers and dishwashers and microwaves and grocery stores and cars and as you know the list goes on.  I may be out of fresh groceries but I have stores of canned and frozen food in my cabinets and freezer.  We may be juggling one vehicle, but we still have a car to drive.  How many times have I looked in my cabinet and said ‘I have nothing to eat’ when that is simply not true.  How many times have I looked in my closet and said ‘I have nothing to wear’ with a whole closet full of clothes staring me back in the face.  It may not be anything that I am interested in eating or anything that I’m wanting to wear, but I have them nonetheless and for that I am grateful.

There are so many people around the world that would love to eat that can of peas or chicken noodle soup in the cabinet (or the leftovers you’ve been eating on for 2 days) or wear that shirt that you’ve worn hundreds of times in the past 10 years.  There are people who would say I am so blessed just because I have water to drink not to mention to wash my hands with when they get the tiniest bit dirty or flush and indoor toilet with or even enough to spare to turn on the sprinkler and let the kids play away.  Wow again.

I know times get hard and sometimes bills start to pile up and there seems to be no end, or sickness goes on and on.  Truthfully when I am in times like that I struggle with being grateful!  We have so so so much to be thankful for though.  Instead of looking behind at everything that we don’t have, let’s try to look forward focusing on the things that we do have.  If it is something that we have no control over then we need to let it go and let God take control and just praise Him for the blessings He’s already given us and for the glory that He will bring out of your current situation.  This is not easy.  It’s easier for some reason to focus on the negative than the positive.  That’s flesh I guess.

Be blessed today and I leave you a couple of my favorite promises from the Word.

Psalm 37:25 – Once I was young, and now I am old.  Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.

Luke 6:31-33 – “So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.