From Prison To Palace

Today I’m going to preach a mini sermon.  I was reading my Bible and I thought this was totally cool.  Joseph went straight from prison to the palace!  He didn’t work his way up, God promoted him.  Think about it.  He was stuck in prison with no hope of ever getting out.  Being falsely accused of trying to rape the governor’s wife was a sentence with no hope, but despite his hopeless situation he stayed faithful.  He probably would have been ecstatic just to get out of jail and live a normal life, but God had much bigger plans.  God promoted him straight from prison to being second in command!!!

The passage I read this morning was Psalm 105.  It tells the story of God promising the land of Canaan to Israel and the journey to get there.  God promised the land to Jacob (Israel) when he had a small family that could never overtake a land so that might have seemed like a silly or impossible promise, but God had a plan.  He sent Joseph to Egypt and there through Joseph the Israelites found a home where they could stop wandering and there they flourished and began to multiply.  But, you know what?  They got comfortable and were not really interested in God’s promise because they were happy where they were at.

Sometimes we need a little push don’t we to move away from our comfort zone.  The push for the Israelites was the Egyptians making them slaves.  This made them uncomfortable and ready to move on to God’s promised land.  The Egyptians didn’t get off the hook though for oppressing God’s people.  When the Israelites left Egypt they were a few million people.  Losing that many workers!  Talk about crashing the economy!  Not only that, the Egyptians were left devastated by plagues, crops and livestock destroyed, and even every firstborn child dead.  They were ruined.  God did not let them go unpunished for their crimes against His people.

It may have taken a long time by our human standards, but God did not forget His promise and despite the Israelites stubbornness that forced them on a few detours, they eventually made it to Canaan, the land flowing with milk and honey, that God had promised them.

If you feel discouraged that things are not taking the route you had planned, or if you are feeling like you are under attack, rest assured that God will keep His promise.  Even if you have made some bad decisions that have landed you off track, God can use that detour to bring you back around to the place where He wants you to be.  We just have to put absolute trust in Him that He sees the big picture and will make a way where there seems to be no way.  He can bring you straight out of prison and up to the palace where a child of the King belongs.  Take heart, God really, really cares about you and loves you and will help you no matter what and just like any loving parent only wants what’s best for you!  Now that’s exciting!


PS – The month of May was crazy, hopefully I will be able to post more soon, including all our adventures over Memorial Day weekend!


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