Tip For the Day: How to Peel an Orange

As a mom with small children I’m always looking for convenient ways to get my kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.  My problem though is that it can take so long to get the veggies peeled or the fruit pitted.  My kids like oranges, but I didn’t like peeling them and if I cut it up with the peel still on, they just basically sucked out the juice and wasted the rest of the orange.  I found a quick and easy way to get the orange into bite sized pieces.  The rest of you may have already known this, but if I find a more convenient way to do something I like to share it.  So here’s my technique for cutting and peeling an orange.


If you have any quick and easy tips for preparing fresh fruits or veggies feel free to share.  I’m always on the look out for time saving tips!


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