Life is Good

Despite a super trying and exhausting day, life is good. Right now I’m lying in my bed listening to the bullfrogs bellow through my open window on this beautiful spring night. So much good has happened lately after a series of trials and frustrations and heartbreaks, some that went on for years, and now we are here. Why? Because we didn’t give up. We were determined to stay faithful to God and our marriage and our children no matter what the devil tried to throw at us, and God did not forget us.
In January we closed on a beautiful house on 5 acres of land with a 12 acre pond that was perfect for our family. Then last month I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that is such a joy to us all! God has kept His promises in His time. We have definitely been blessed abundantly more than we could have hoped or imagined. Life is hard and being a military wife and mother of five is not an easy task, but it is an awesome task that I am honored to have been given by God. I love my husband. I love my children. I love my house. I love my church. Mostly I love my God. Yes, life is good.


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