Why Do Bad Things Happen?

I couldn’t sleep so I decided to write.  With five children ages 7 and under, finding the time to write proves very difficult!  I was just dwelling on why bad things happen.  Though some of you reading this might not agree with my assessment please read until the end and hear me out!  Bad things happen because there really is a spiritual battle taking place.  There really is a Satan who hates God and wants to do everything he can to hurt Him.  Does this mean it’s hopeless and we should just give up and give in?  No.  God has won the victory and we will win the battle in the end (I’ve read the back of the book!).  But, you say, I’ve seen good Jesus loving people suffer in horrible ways.  Let’s think about why that might be for a minute.  If you have children, while you may not agree with everything they do or say, or they may drive you nuts sometime, you would never want to watch them suffer right?  Would it be more painful for you to suffer or to watch your children suffer?  I know when my children are sick, I wish so bad that I could take it for them so they wouldn’t have to go through the pain and sickness.  Well, Satan can’t get to God so he focuses his attention on God’s children.  God loves us so much that He gave His Son Jesus to die for us!  I have to say, I can’t think of anyone that I love enough that I’m willing to let one of my children be beaten and murdered for.  Satan knows how much God loves us so He does whatever he can to hurt us in order to hurt God.  So… it does seem like a lost cause, right?

No, just like you try to protect your child by making them fasten their seatbelts or wear a helmet when they ride their bike, or set boundaries in order to protect them, God has done the same for us!  He has boundaries laid out for us in His Word, the Bible, which is one of the ways He communicates with us.  He has also given us guardian angels to protect us, we just have to ask.  Will wearing a seat belt or a helmet prevent an accident?  No of course not, but it will minimize the damage the accident could have caused.  Satan is going to attack first those who haven’t asked Jesus to be their Savior and take as many of God’s precious people to Hell with him.  Hell was never intended for humans.  It was meant for Satan and his followers (demons).  If you follow Satan by denying Jesus, your eternal spirit will go where he goes.  This is serious!  Don’t let him take you!

For those of us who have accepted Jesus and our destination is Heaven when we die, Satan just tries to steer us off course.  Keeping us distracted, making us worry about things that God has promised us He would take care of.  If you make a promise to your child do you intend to keep it?  Of course.  If we didn’t keep our promises why would our children trust anything we said!  God does keep His promises and we can trust what He says.  Just as you would prepare your home when a hurricane was going to strike or you would put protective armor on if you were going through a battle, God has given you what you need to weather the storm of life!  We have to take action though!  First, if you have not asked Jesus to be your Savior, just call out to Him and He will answer, I promise!  Just believing in the existence of God is not enough.  Satan believes that God exists.  Grace is so simple.  No matter what you’ve done in your past, Jesus wipes the slate clean if you just believe in and accept the sacrifice He made for you!  Second, you have to read the Word!  What good is a sword, if you have no idea how to wield it?  Third, you have to pray.  The Bible says, you have not because you ask not.  I pray for a hedge of protection around my family every day and for guardian angels to protect us (see Psalm 91).

God loves us so much, and it does hurt Him to see us hurting, but because He loves us so much, He did not enslave us, but gave us a free will to make our own choices.  If we will listen to His instruction and make the choices that He guides us to make, life will be so much more fulfilling!  I know this from personal experience!  Bad things are going to happen as long as we are on Earth, but judgment day is coming and Satan will be cast into the lake of fire for eternity and those who have asked Jesus to be their Savior will be with Him in the paradise that God prepared for His children that He dearly loves.  While I can’t explain everything and have most definitely questioned God a time or two as to why we were having to go through certain trials, I can always see His hand guiding us through looking back at the situation from the other side.  And just like any good, loving daddy, we can crawl into His arms when we are hurting and He will hold us.  Don’t let any flawed human be your comparison for God.  Even if every human on Earth abandoned you, He will not.  He wants to take care of you, all you have to do is ask.


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