Think Outside the Box

I  know in today’s society our family of nine is a strange sight. But why?

When I was a child I always hated the response ‘because I said so’.  When I asked a question, I wanted an honest, logical answer!  I never liked for someone else to think for me.  I wanted to make my own choices and decisions.  I wasn’t rebellious and didn’t throw caution to the wind.  I listened to the wisdom of others and tried to learn from them but if it didn’t make sense to me then I would just do my own thing.  Like, why not get married at 18?  17 years later he’s still my best friend.

If you’ve known me for very long or read my blog post “Yes to Blessing Explained”, you know that after the birth of our second child we gave in to the urgings of God that if we 100% trusted Him, we would trust Him with the number of children we would have.  This was not an easy decision or one we took lightly.  Remember how I said I liked to make my own decisions?  That sounds so arrogant as I write it, but it’s what we do isn’t it?

I started to search what God said about children and no where did I find, thou shalt have two children and be blessed.  If I’m doing my math right, two children does not equate to multiplying!  Please don’t misunderstand my intent here.  I know great godly people who have been told by God that a small family is what they are supposed to have.  I’m not trying to get everyone to join us and have a dozen kids.  My intent is to spark in you the desire to think outside of the box that society has created and the propaganda that has been drilled on you since school.  Don’t miss out on the perfect plan God has for your life (Jeremiah 29:11) because of fear.

It breaks my heart to see so many held back by fear that don’t even realize it.  Fear of what others will think, fear they won’t be able to provide, fear they are not strong enough or don’t have the patience, fear of a difficult or lost pregnancy (believe me, I know both)… the list goes on.  I guess it really does come down to having a childlike faith, letting go of yourself, and seeking what God would have you to do.  I’m living proof that if the Lord brings you to it He’ll bring you through it.  When we started this journey we never imagined where God would take us and it’s so much better than the ‘plan’ we had.  It hasn’t been easy but the journey to greatness never is.  Look at Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David… and many others throughout history.

None of us mean to fall into the trap of conforming, but we truly have become a monkey see monkey do society.  That’s why when a family of nine like us walks through the door, it turns heads.  We’ve just accepted that to ‘fit in’ we need a nice house, nice car, college degree, successful career, birth control (can’t mess up the previous list with an ‘unwanted’ pregnancy!), nice clothes, and the eventual pre-planned 2.2 kids.  I’m not at all saying that those things are not well and good.  I have many of those things and enjoy them.  God wants to bless us.  I’m saying don’t achieve them just because that’s what is expected of you.  I’m grateful for the experience of college but now I’m a stay at home mom who is still paying for that piece of paper.  Sometimes I wonder what my family would have looked like if I hadn’t used birth control at first.  We can’t change the past, only learn from it and move forward.

I hope this has sparked the desire in you to ask why.  Why work an 8-5?  Maybe you would be more useful to your family and society if you started your own business.  Why take birth control?  If you studied about how and why ‘family planning’ was started you’d be appalled.  Why retire?  The Jews believe as long as you have use to others you should keep going!  Retirement is actually a very selfish idea.  (Check out “Thou Shall Prosper” by Rabbi Lapin).  We were not made to be served but to serve.  I encourage you before you make any decision about the course of your life to ask yourself, why is it usually done this way and is this the way God would want me to do it?  Blessings!

Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.  Matthew 6:33


Life is Good

Despite a super trying and exhausting day, life is good. Right now I’m lying in my bed listening to the bullfrogs bellow through my open window on this beautiful spring night. So much good has happened lately after a series of trials and frustrations and heartbreaks, some that went on for years, and now we are here. Why? Because we didn’t give up. We were determined to stay faithful to God and our marriage and our children no matter what the devil tried to throw at us, and God did not forget us.
In January we closed on a beautiful house on 5 acres of land with a 12 acre pond that was perfect for our family. Then last month I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that is such a joy to us all! God has kept His promises in His time. We have definitely been blessed abundantly more than we could have hoped or imagined. Life is hard and being a military wife and mother of five is not an easy task, but it is an awesome task that I am honored to have been given by God. I love my husband. I love my children. I love my house. I love my church. Mostly I love my God. Yes, life is good.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I just wanted to express like most everyone else, my sentiments regarding the horrible events of the past week.  So many young children’s lives taken from them before they even really had a chance to begin.  My mind cannot even comprehend the anguish these families are all going through.  Presents already under the tree that will go unopened. That first bike that will go un-ridden.  How does one even begin to pick up the pieces.  We mourn of course for those left behind.  The students who witnessed their brave teacher murdered before their eyes.  Coming back to school to find so many empty desks.  The parents who had so many hopes and dreams for their child.  The brothers and sisters who are without their sibling.  Please pray for those who have to continue on without the ones they loved so dearly.  Please also pray for the family of the shooter who have also lost a loved one and are left with this horrific memory.

Where do we go from here?  So many what if’s run through everyone’s mind.  What if guns were banned, would that have stopped the killer.  What if the principal had been armed?  Would that have stopped the killer?  What if . . . .   No amount of what if’s will change what happened so we all have no choice but to move forward.  The wounds will eventually heal, but the scars will never disappear.  What should we do now?  We should pray.  Unfortunately we live in a day and age where evil is everywhere.  Weapons are not the issue.  When I was young every boy (and most girls including me) carried a pocket knife.  During hunting season, many of the older boys would still be dressed in camouflage and their rifles would be hanging in the back window of their unlocked truck where they had gotten in a couple of hours of hunting before school.  No, guns are not the issue at stake here.  There has been a change in the way people think and act.  A change of heart.  I’m just 31 but I guess I grew up in a different place it seems like.  I was taught from a young age to respect guns and how to properly handle them.  This same week in China several children were killed by a man with a knife and earlier in the year they had a man with a hammer attack several children.  In case you haven’t noticed, someone who is deranged enough to take the life of another person doesn’t really care what the law says about anything!  I cannot fathom why anyone would so brutally murder a child or anyone for that matter.  It’s evil plain and simple.

So where do we go from here?  Well, let’s start by loving.  If everybody would follow Jesus’ simple command of loving each other, we wouldn’t have this discussion.  We all need to pray.  Pray everyday for your family, your schools, your church, your town, your country.  And we all need to prepare.  Whether we like it or not, this is where we are at.  There is nothing at all wrong with taking every precaution to protect your family.  My husband carries a handgun when we are out.  I am thankful for him stepping up and being ready to defend and protect our family.  I’m thankful to have it at the house on nights when he has to be away.  I know how to use it am prepared to use it to protect my family.  I know many will probably disagree with me.  You are a steward of the children God has given you and that includes provision and protection.  Can we be with them all the time?  No.  That’s why every day I pray for God to send guardian angels to watch over my children (Psalm 91:11-12).  Yes I believe in that stuff and yes I believe it makes a difference.

So as we go into this Christmas season that is suddenly not quite as cheerful remember what this season is really about.  It’s not about gifts or Santa or fancy dinners.  It’s ALL about Love.  Jesus came as a baby just so he could die as a sacrifice for everybody.  God sent His child.  His only Son because He loved us so much that He was willing to give up His child for us.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could sacrifice my child for someone else.  My love is just not that pure, even though I know it should be.  I’m a work in progress too.  Jesus help us all to love like you.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:13

May Jesus’ love, peace and comfort be with you all.

Jesus Love Us So Much!

A good friend of mine had a blog post on books that I was reading this morning and it got me to thinking about books I’ve read in the past.  I want to tell you this morning about a section from the book “The Shack” by William P. Young that really stood out to me and truly demonstrated Jesus’ love for us.  If you haven’t read this book and plan to I want to warn you that I will be spoiling a little of it.  This was an amazing book if read with an open mind.  It is a fictional book about a man named Mack that spent a weekend in a shack with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I warn you, parts of this book are hard to read, but I really enjoyed reading it and would like to read it again.  I’m going to paraphrase this next section for you:

At one point in the book Mack has to meet with the Judge.  Mack has 5 children and he is told that he has to choose 3 of them to go to Hell and the other 2 get to go to Heaven.  Mack says, I can’t make that decision!  The Judge says, you have to.  Mack again refuses.  The Judge tells him that he has no choice.  Mack in a panic finally says what about me, can you take me instead?  To this the Judge replies, now you are starting to think like Jesus . . . .

I cannot think about this part without just weeping and weeping.  How can anyone think that Jesus would choose for any of his children to go to Hell.  No matter what they’ve done or how bad they have been He would never want anyone to have to suffer in Hell.  That is why Jesus did offer Himself for us.  He already took our place.  He died a brutal death so that we wouldn’t have to spend an eternity in a place that was created for Satan and his demons, not God’s children.  How anyone can reject this amazing, unfathomable love that Jesus has for us is beyond my comprehension.  I just want you to remember that Jesus’ love for you is so strong that it can surpass any and all our human weaknesses so no matter what your past looks like always remember that Jesus really does love you no matter what!

JESUS LOVES YOU!!!  Now that’s something to smile about!


I miss writing!  My life has been busyness most of this year.  With four kids, homeschooling, starting and running a business, and commitments at church, seems like I’m going non-stop.  I keep thinking that I will be able to blog again when I get a spare minute, but that has yet to be found!  There always seems to be something left undone.  I guess that’s just the way it is and if there is something you want to do bad enough, you’ll just make the time to do it.  Well, I wanted to write something.  Not much point in this post really I guess, just wanted to write because I love it and miss it.  Life’s too short not to make the most of it, so I’m just going to make the most of my busyness, get what I can get done and not stress about the rest.  There will be time to rest in Heaven!  Don’t let your busyness keep you from making the time occasionally to do the things you love.  Ok, gotta get busy!  God bless!

Mommy Meltdowns

Have you ever seen a young child just have a complete meltdown?  You know the drill, sobbing, screaming, maybe flailing about and just uncontrollable.  You expect that from time to time with a 2 year old, but not from a mommy right.  We are always supposed to be cool, calm and collected and always have patience and compassion right?!  I wish I could do that, but sometimes I find myself acting like a 2 year old.  It just seems like some days the kids just pinpoint every raw nerve you have and jump on it over and over again.  It’s been one of those kinds of weeks for me, and I have a found myself screaming, pitching fits, and even at one point laying on the floor sobbing.  I know, I’m not to proud of this.  Sometimes I just lose control, and I know even in the midst of my tantrum that it is not the right way to act, but when you’ve nicely reminded them to pick something up 3 times before and when they don’t do it and it finally gets destroyed by a younger sibling and has to go in the trash instead of the shelf it just tends to get me riled up.  Why can’t they just listen!  Why can’t I just listen….  I’m better than I used to be, but far, far from where I need to be and I just keep praying and asking forgiveness from God and my children and try better to keep my cool the next time that burning frustration arises in me.  He’s still working on me.

I’m So Excited!!!

It’s 4:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep because I’m too excited about what God has in store for my family!  I’m dreaming of a new house and giving to others and going on missions trips and building my business.  In case you haven’t heard, God has brought Arbonne to our family.  I am so excited about starting my Arbonne business!  A wonderful friend of mine shared Arbonne with me and told me about the opportunities with Arbonne and at first I was so happy that she had found something to help her family, but knew it wasn’t for me.  The more that I started meeting the wonderful people who had their lives changed by selling Arbonne the more I became intrigued.  I’m not about to sell a product that I wouldn’t use or don’t believe in, but I’ve been in the business for a month now and have seen people who have been helped by these products for myself and have heard many other stories about the products and the business making people’s lives better.  I’m just so excited to be a part of such a caring, giving and Jesus loving team!

While this is a bit of an advertisement for my business of course, I really am just bubbling over with excitement and want to share it with the whole world and I just want to help people who are struggling financially both by giving but also by showing them how this could work for them too!  I did not take on the new adventure lightly and without prayer and I have been praying for my business and my clients and for my future team members already.

Like my friend who signed me up said I feel like I can dream again!  You know, all those things that you would like to do with your life, but just know would never be possible.  The top income earner went from having to ask her church to help pay her bills to building orphanages in Africa!  Don’t tell me this is not possible!  With God all things are possible.  Though my husband finally has a steady job that is enough to take care of us, it just wasn’t enough to really pursue some of the things we dreamed of doing.  Like having a house on the lake, or handing someone who needed to pay their house payment the money without having to blink twice.

I homeschool my children so this is something I can do on evenings and weekends and still be with my children!  And it’s so much fun too!  When I finally decided to go for this I figured that since there were no start-up costs and they walked beside you until you were ready to venture out your own, I’ve really lost nothing even if I don’t make it and I’ve got to meet some new people, have fun and make new friends!

This is going to take hard work too, but I’ve never been afraid of a little hard work.  I’ve always dreamed of and felt called to the mission field, and want to be able to take my children on missions trips but never knew how that would be possible, but knew that if that was what God planted in my heart that He would make a way for it to happen.  I believe this just might be the way He has provided.

I do want to extend an invitation to any of you who think they might want to pursue this adventure with me.  If you have been looking for something to help your family there is no limit.  This business is for those who want to make some extra pocket change to those who want to bring in a full income.  If I have intrigued you even a little bit feel free to contact me and I would love to meet with you (even if you are out-of-state) and tell you more about it.  I know this business is not for everyone and if you don’t like what you hear then that’s no problem.  God has an individual plan for you.  I just have seen with my own eyes what this business has done for other ordinary people like me and I want so much to use this business to help others too!  Like I said if you have any questions or just want to know more let me know.  I have a new favorite quote I read the other day.  “Indecision is the greatest thief of opportunity.” (Jim Rohn)

To God be the glory!  Jeremiah 29:11